Calling All Military Families!

By Holly Christy, Managing Editor, Macaroni Kid Military Family March 9, 2017

Did you know that since the end of the draft, less than 1% of Americans serve in the military? Those who feel the call are special, and tend to identify strongly with their military association. Considering the strength of our military compared to its relative size, it's no wonder that military families feel a lot of pride and "esprit de corps!"

Military families also face situations and challenges that most American families don't - frequent moves, long and dangerous deployments, absence from family and support systems, and so on. What you quickly learn when you're part of a military family is that you need to find a community that understands and can be encouraging, helpful, and supportive during both the trials and triumphs of military life.

Macaroni Kid: Military Family exists to connect military families all over the world in such a way that each one feels part of something - even virtually - that offers some moral support, friendship, and celebration of their life's calling. Just like your local Macaroni Kid, this edition passes on valuable information and relevant content while also highlighting military families and duty stations. If you or someone in your family wears the uniform, subscribe to Macaroni Kid: Military Family for a once-monthly email that will make you feel just a bit more connected to other military families across the world.