Tips For Working Out At Home

By Jorge Martinez March 9, 2017

We are well into the new year, so what about those resolutions? Although they are hard to keep, something even harder is maintaining a fitness regimen. Life has progressed in a way that has everyone running to and fro trying to complete daily tasks. It seems like there is just not enough time to be able to conquer everything on your plate. Having been a personal trainer, I know some quick workout exercises that will keep your body active. These would be perfect for the busy person to do at home while also completing some chores around the house.

Stair Climbing: If you have a set of stairs in your home, you can quickly do a few laps going up and down. It works out as cardio that is also working out your legs. Take it slow at first, going one step at a time, but once you have condition, you can go faster and for more repetitions.

Toy Squats: If your child leaves toys scattered across the floor. You can use this as an opportunity to do some squats. You have to place your feet flat on the floor and squat so that you are bringing your bottom into a 90 degree angle with your knees. Do it for however many toys are on the floor. If there are no toys, you could do the squats for trash that needs to be picked up around your neighborhood.

Air Lift Baby: If you have a toddler or infant, you can use the game where you lift them in the air as a workout. You would need to be a little more slow and precise, but you would be working out your shoulders, triceps, and biceps. A few sets with about 10 reps would do the trick. This could also serve to work out your core/abs. If you stretch as far as you can, you will start to feel the burn in your stomach. Something sturdy with weight could substitute for the child, if you feel it’s too unsafe.

Sweep, Mop, Dust: When you are sweeping, mopping, or dusting, your arm muscles are used constantly. If you concentrate on the back and forth motions, you would get a good workout from these chores. Other things, like scrubbing a tub or shower, also make use of your arm muscles and would tire you out quickly.

Peek-a-Boo Sit-up: A good way to work your abdomen while keeping a child busy is by doing sit-ups. While you are in the up portion of the sit-up, you could play peek-a-boo with your child. You could go for 5 sets of 10 sit-ups.

Other basic exercises that could be done at home are:

Pushups - 3 sets of 10

Jumping Jacks -Β 5 sets 15

LungesΒ - 2 sets of 10 (on each leg)

Crunches - 10 sets of 10

High Knees - 5 sets of 30 seconds