March 16, 2017
Welcome to South Bergen Macaroni Kid - your FREE family events resource for the South Bergen area!  Here you'll find all the best events and activities for kids and families in this area, so have fun!

Also a BIG hello & welcome to all my new subscribers! Welcome to our little corner of the world. Enjoy yourselves and thanks so much for joining us!

Oh my goodness, it's COLD!!! Have you guys managed to stay warm? We certainly hope so! We've got something to heat you up - our Macaroni Kid Cooking Challenge! Check out the deets inside! And while it's too cold to stay outside for long right now, soon (we hope!) things will warm up and it'll be time to get the kids outside to play. Do you know how GOOD that is for kids' brains though? We've got a fab article all about it! We've also got delicious recipes and watercolor art (ooohhhhh...), so have fun! 

As for events, we keep on adding, so keep checking in! Check the calendar on the reg to stay in the loop! And submit your events as well so we can all participate in the fun!

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Mary xoxo