Dinner Solved - 10 Minutes, 1 Pan and 3 Steps with Gobble, Inc

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By Candace Metzger March 23, 2017

I had a pretty crummy day last week. I dropped my son off at school and was returning home when my tire popped on the Highway. The rest of my morning was spent standing in the drenching rain with my 4 and 2-year-old, coordinating a ride for my son and frantic calls to AAA. It was one of those days where I wished I had just stayed in bed.

After wrangling two drenched and sobbing kids into our finally fixed car, I made the short drive home and discovered that the UPS man had delivered a ray of sunshine on my gloomy day. Ok, not ACTUAL sunshine but pretty darn close. Because if happiness could be anything, it would be a Gobble box sitting on your porch. (Get your first box 50% off!) 

I brought the box inside and opened it to reveal a very impressive packing system. Each of the three meals was individually bagged and surrounded by ice packs to keep the food fresh and safe during its travel. I carefully inspected everything before putting it in the fridge. All that was left to do was wait until dinnertime. Whoa, what’s that? I was actually EXCITED to make dinner. Definitely not something you’d catch me saying unless it was connected to the phrase “so I can put the kids to bed".

When you order from Gobble Inc, you get to choose 3 meals from a list of options. They can be adapted to your family's dietary needs and best of all- you can choose meals that your whole family will enjoy. 

The first meal I decided to try out was the Huaraches (Corn Masa Cakes). I pulled the bag out of the fridge and began following the simple-to-read directions. All of the produce was very fresh, including a perfect avocado. I don't know about you, but in order for my avocados to be ripe, the stars must perfectly align. I considered it a good omen.

I found the instructions to be clear and easy to follow. Those recipe cards are nice and durable- a must for my kitchen. I spilled salsa verde all over mine and it just wiped clean!

The meal was easily done in 10 minutes and just as promised - only used one pan. My husband and I were pleasantly surprised by the gourmet taste and the generous serving sizes. I could only finish half of mine so I was able to save some for lunch the next day.

Overall, this meal tasted fantastically fresh while tasting gourmet. You can tell that a real chef designed these meals. Most of all, it was fun to cook. I was able to try new cooking techniques and use ingredients I don't normally get to use.

Our second meal was my favorite. We opted for the Pan-Roasted Bistro Fillet. I think I've cooked steak maaaaybe twice in the 8 years I've been married. It's one of those meals that intimidates me because I don't know how to do it properly. My cooking style is probably best described as "winging it" which doesn't fly well when cooking expensive cuts of meat.

I absolutely LOVE how Gobble, Inc includes every little part of the meal. Everything is perfectly packaged and portioned for the meal. The sour cream came in little packets along with the cheese for the pre-cooked potatoes. All I had to do was slice and pan fry then top with the ingredients given. So simple and fast!

The steak was next so I put on my brave face and went to work. The directions made it pretty easy, even for steak cooking goobers like myself. Actually, it was pretty much stress-free thanks to Gobble's baby steps. (Phew! Crises averted!)

My husband was pretty thrilled to eat this meal. Like I said before, steak isn't my forte so we don't have it often. With Gobble's help, the meat was perfectly cooked and the whole meal was so flavorful!

Gobble, Inc made cooking fast, easy and significantly less messy. Having just one pan to clean was an absolute dream! 

If you need a break from the stress of meal planning, recipe hunting, grocery shopping and most of the dinner prep, I highly recommend Gobble, Inc. I was able to spend less time in the kitchen and more time with my family. Win-win! And right now is the perfect time to try it with their 50% Get Cooking Deal

Gobble, Inc is currently available in California, Arizona, Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Nevada. If it's not available in your town yet, it will be soon. Gobble, inc. is going National this summer! 

*This is a sponsored article. I was compensated for my time and given meals to try in exchange for writing this review but all thoughts and opinions are my 100% own.*