Self-Portraits Using Loose Parts

March 30, 2017

Guys, how cool are these?!? We came across this art project on Housing a Forest and just fell in love. With this art piece, you and the kiddos can explore their self-image AND you can clear junk out of your garage. It's win/win! (And really, it just looks super neat!) Enjoy! And if you end up doing this one, definitely post photos of your projects over on our Facebook page because we'd love to see 'em!

You will need:

    • A scrap wood for each kid ~ scraps of 2 x 6’s work the best, but feel free to use whatever you have on hand.
    • Metal Bits (yep that’s a technical term.  Ha!) ~ you can use everything from screws, nails and bolts, to hinges, clamps, and lots of fun trinkets.  If it looks interesting or has texture, then the kids will find an interesting use for it!  {disclaimer ~ we take no responsibility for your husband's reaction to you stealing using all the above-mentioned items.  Who know, he may actually have a use for them}
    • Low-Temperature Glue Gun
    • Mirror ~ optional, but helps the kids take a closer look at themselves.
    • Lots of Imagination

    Loose Parts Play:

    Let the kids explore and play with all the loose parts before explaining that they will be making self-portraits. This allows the kids to look at the bits of hardware and manipulate the materials freely. Kids are natural abstract artists and have a wonderful ability to create with total freedom!

    Talk to the kids about what makes each of us special and unique.  Mirrors are great for helping the kids take a closer look at what makes them, them.

    The scraps of wood act as a blank canvas for these adorable self-portraits.  With a little imagination and lots of creative loose parts, the kids will be able to create self-portraits with a ton of emotion and expression.


    Creating Loose Part Self Portraits:

    Once the kids are satisfied with their self-portrait, help them use the hot glue gun to secure everything. 

    *original article from Housing A Forest*