Bunny Hop - Cake Pop

By Sarah Hauge, Englewood-Greenwood Village-Centennial​ April 6, 2017

Celebrate Easter with bunny themed cake pops.

What you'll need:
Cake Mix - any kind (boxed works great!)
Frosting (you will use only a small portion of a container)
Candy Melts (or colored melting chocolate)
Lollipop Sticks
Triangle Sprinkles
Glue/Hot Glue
Cardstock Paper
Foam Block or Colander

1. Bake cake according to recipe.
2. Let the cake cool to room temperature. Mash it up in a bowl using your hands until it is fully crumbled.
3. Slowly mix in the frosting until the cake crumbles form into balls. Consistency is key - if the mixture is too dry, the cake won't stay together; if you add too much frosting, the cake balls won't stay on the stick.

4. Chill the cake balls in the refrigerator.
5. While the cake balls are chilling, cut out the rabbit ears. I recommend cutting two large solid colored oval-ish shapes, and two smaller patterned oval-ish shapes, as shown in the photo below.

6. Glue the cut-outs together to form the ears. You will need one set of ears per cake pop, so be sure to count how many cake pops you have chilling.

​7. To make the ears easier to remove (when you're ready to eat them), hot glue the ears onto toothpicks. Depending on the size of ears you've made, you may need to break the toothpick to fit nicely.

8. ​Once the ears are finished, you're ready to pull your cake pops out of the fridge. Insert a lollipop​ stick into each cake ball. If the balls have a tendency to fall off already, dip the lollipop stick into melted chocolate first.

9. Melt the candy melts and dip the cake pops, ensuring you cover all sides of the cake ball.

10. Before the melting chocolate hardens, insert the toothpick ears, and stick on a triangle-shaped sprinkle nose.

11. Now that the hard part is over, poke the lollipop stick into a foam block or insert the stick into a colander to set.

Ta-Da! Your guests will be amazed at your craftsmanship and the kids will have a hard time having just one. Hoppy Easter!