Child care somewhere between fabulous and amazing.

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By Go Au Pair April 6, 2017

Ever feel like child care should be more moldable to fit your needs and your family’s busy schedule? Day care is more expensive the more kids you have, and has little-to-no flexibility. Nannies and babysitters come and go, and can also be frustratingly unreliable. Is there anything in the goldilocks zone?

Au pair child care is just right.

"With babysitters, not having continuity really bothered me. There is something amazing about having somebody live with you. Our au pair knows my kids so well because she lives with them."

- Host Mom, Karen

What is an au pair?

An au pair is a young adult from another country, age 18-26, who comes to the United States to live with the host family and take care of the kids, up to 45 hours per week. Aside from being able to fill the gaps in your schedule, the au pair can also:

  • Prepare meals for the kids.
  • Drive them to school, activities, etc.
  • Clean up after the kids in the house.
  • Do the kids’ laundry.
  • Share their language and culture with the whole family.
  • So much more.

What about the cost of an au pair?

The average cost of an au pair is about $7.98 per hour for up to 45 hours per week of live-in child care. Even more impressive, the cost is the same no matter how many kids you have!

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