Entenmann’s® Donuts Hitting the Road with Harlem-Globetrotters!

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April 13, 2017
Two fan-favorites are teaming up this year, bringing family friendly entertainment all across the US along with the ultimate family favorite treat. Entenmann’s® Donuts and the world-famous Harlem Globetrotters are making their rounds and families will want to be there for this sweet match-up!

Local Macaroni Kid editions from all over will be listing tour dates in their event calendars to be certain families don’t miss out on the team’s winning moves or the family favorite Entenmann’s® Donuts. This year’s tour promises to be the sweetest yet as the Globetrotters finds new ways to enjoy the classic favorite Rich Frosted, and bite sized Pop’ems Donuts.

Sample Entenmann’s® Donuts at select games, enjoy even more of the fun on and off the court with player appearances at key retailer locations in select markets, and enter a sweepstakes featuring Globetrotters and Entenmann’s®-themed prizes.  Pick-up the Harlem Globetrotters branded Entenmann’s® Donut boxes in your local retailer or check out the Entenmann’s® Donuts Facebook page to score the latest information on how to get involved.

The Harlem Globetrotters has a few tricks up their sleeve for the 2017 tour, and Entenmann’s® Donuts will help make this year one for the record books! Find a game near you by visiting or checking your local Macaroni Kid edition.