Fruigees Review: These Pouches Just May Change the Way You Snack!

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By Heidi Rega - Macaroni Kid Main Line April 27, 2017

I’m guilty.

I'm so, so guilty.

I steal my kiddo’s snacks. 

I don’t plan to do it, but without fail we’re out and about and my stomach starts grumbling. I run through my “leaving the house” routine, and as usual, I didn’t remember to pack myself something to snack on during our marathon of a day. The kiddo’s snack bag, however, is overflowing with choices. Obviously. While it might not seem like the end of the world that I’m noshing on some cheddar crackers, or one of those gritty applesauce pouches, I’m just not feeling it. 

I tell myself that I’ll prepare better, but throw in a chaotic week and that goes straight out the window. Imagine my surprise when Fruigees sent us some samples, claiming to be that magical unicorn of a snack pouch. A snack that would make my planning fails a thing of the past. I was skeptical, but we’re pouch lovers in this house, so what did we have to lose?

While I wasn’t too surprised that my daughter loved every single flavor, since she’s a bit of a pouch fanatic, I was tickled to find that I was pretty smitten, myself! A quick, healthy snack that satisfies both of us? One that can be tossed in my purse, and her backpack? SOLD.

Despite wanting to just eat all of the pouches ourselves, we decided it would be best to share the love, so we brought a bunch of samples to my daughter’s pre-school snack time. These kids DEVOURED them. They enjoyed eating them right from the pouch, squeezing them into cups and mixing the flavors, and were blown away by the texture. The flavor didn’t disappoint, either; as we heard more than one little voice exclaim, “It tastes like candy!” Definite mom-win to be able to feed them something wholesome, while they think they’re getting a special treat.

Fruigees come in bright flavors like Kalefornia Grape, Nothing Beets Cherry, and 24 Carrot Orange, and while they totally contain those pesky vegetables mentioned in their name; no discerning kiddo we had test out the samples had any objection whatsoever. The juicy flavors of Grape, Cherry, and Orange delightfully outshine the veggies. All the extra benefits of vegetable, and tastes like fruit juice; clearly we have a winner here.

Crafted from Organic, non-GMO fruit and veggie juice, and boasting a texture more like yogurt or Jell-O than baby food, Fruigees also packs 100% of your daily dose of Vitamin C. Ranging between 70-80 calories per 3.5 ounce pouch, they’re also completely fat free, vegan, gluten free, and Kosher. Seriously, this little pouch checks off just about every box I’m looking for in a snack.

Ready to get your hands on some? They’re widely available in over 1,600 stores nationwide, and locally at Whole Foods and Wegman’s. Need this goodness delivered? Amazon junkie? Fret not; these little babies can be Primed to your doorstep! They’re also available through Thrive Market and Vitacost.

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Disclosure: This article is sponsored by Fruigees. All of opinions and experiences stated are my own.