Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Week

April 27, 2017

The week of May 1-5 is National Teacher Appreciation Week. Every day, in classrooms across the land, teachers are making a positive difference in the lives of the children and families of our community. Every evening, teachers are putting in many extra hours preparing lessons, grading papers, providing feedback to students and parents, attending meetings, taking classes, and supervising and attending events in support of their students. Essentially, teachers ROCK. So go an extra step for this year's NTAW with one of these creative ideas to thank a teacher! 

1. BUNDLE UP SOME BOOKS: Teachers always need more books for their reading corners or libraries. Bundle up some of your favorite titles along with other reading-time essentials. Of course, there’s always room for a personalized message! 

2. DAZZLE WITH DECOR: Have you ever met a teacher who doesn’t love storage bins? Teachers enjoy sprucing up and organizing their classrooms, and even small accents can really brighten up a space. Vibrant borders and colorful organization bins help give any classroom a mini makeover.

3. CUSTOMIZE A BASKET OF SUPPLIES: I guarantee every teacher in your life always needs supplies. Turn a bunch of school essentials into a thoughtful gift basket using the art of presentation.

4. MAKE A MEMORY BOOK: Nothing says “thank you” like fond memories from students. Grab a blank, hardcover book (like a small scrapbook) and have kids fill it with memories from the school year. Kids can work independently—or with the whole class—to write messages, draw pictures, create collages, paste photos and more. Teachers will love whatever their students decide to do!

5. MAKE A TEACHER-THEMED "TOOL BELT": Glue, scissors, and pencils disappear around my house all the time, and I only have one kid! This gift idea helps teachers keep important items where they’ll always be able to grab them in a snap. To make one, just fill a utility belt with essential supplies. You can even throw in a cute message to make it more personal - like “Thanks for giving us the tools to succeed!”.

6. PUT IT ON A CARD: A gift card is perfect in nearly any situation. To add a personal touch for Teacher Appreciation Week, pair a gift card with a classroom essential and a cute pun. Here are some examples:

*craft ideas originally found on Lakeshore Learning*